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Board of Directors

Chairman - Prof. Moshe Arens
Currently Chairman of the Board of Teuza Fund. Prof. Arens formerly held the positions of
Israeli Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of the Israeli Parliament,
Ambassador to the United States and Vice President for Engineering at Israel Aircraft Industries.
Prof. Arens is also a former Associate Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the Technion
Israel Institute of Technology. Has served as Deputy Chairman of The Israel Corporation,
and Chairman of ZIM-the Israel navigation company.

Giora S. Meyuhas
Currently Chairman of the Board of Diagnostic Technologies Ltd and Director of the First
International Bank. Mr. Meyuhas formerly held the positions of Economic Minister to
North America -Government of Israel, Director at the National Electric Company of Israel,
Israel Discount Bank, and President of Gadot Petrochemical Industries. Mr. Meyuhas
is the recipient of a Israel's most prestigious Industry Award.

Prof. Daniel Weihs
Prof. Daniel Weihs has a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion, and serves
today as a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Research at the
Technion. Prof. Weihs is the Head of multi-disciplinary program autonomous systems
(Robotics) at the Technion, a member of the American National Academy of Engineering,
the Chairman of the National Committee for infrastructure space and a member of the
Board Academic Advisory Committee of Ben - Gurion University.
Previously Prof. Weihs acted as the Provost of the Technion.

David Fuchs
Investment Banker based in New-York City, USA. Partner, Camden Advisory Partners LLC,
Managing Member of Bridges & PIPEs, LLC. Mr. Fuchs formerly held
the positions of President of Rockwood Inc, Senior Vice President Investment Banking
at Josephthal & Co. Inc. and CFO and Director of NUR Macroprinters.

Dr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Gleitman
Shuki is the Chief Executive Officer of SFKT. Among his various capacities at SFKT
he serves as a Managing Partner of PNV - Platinum-Neurone Ventures, a $110M venture
capital fund focusing on investments in early stage and growth companies in the IT
and Communications sectors. Shuki is the former Chief Scientist and Director General
of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade where he managed all of the Government of
Israel's technology programs. In the course of his four-year tenure Shuki was responsible
for allocating over $1.5 billion in grants in the framework of promoting R&D activities in
the Israeli high-tech industry. Prior to his term at SFKT, Shuki also served as the CEO
of Ampal Investment Group (NASDAQ: AMPL), where he was responsible for the investment of
over $200 million in various high-tech ventures. During his tenure at Ampal, he led a
$330 million joint venture with Motorola Israel founding Mirs Communications Ltd.,
Israel's fourth largest cellular operator. Shuki is the Honorary Consul of the Republic
of Singapore in Israel and holds a Ph.D. (with distinction), M.Sc. (with distinction)
and B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rami Gutterman
Business man operating in Israel and the Far east. General Manager and Partner of AGI Ltd.
and President of Dreamscope who is conducting business in China and Hong Kong, Partner
and Director of Rotlex and Teuza Management Ltd.

Michal Hochman
Mrs. Hochman has an MA in Law from Bar-Ilan University, a BA in economics and
accounting at the University of Haifa and is a licensed CPA since 1993. Since 2006
serves as the CFO of Reit 1 LTD a real-estate investment group. Before that she acted
as a controller at Ganden Holdings Ltd., at "Azorim" and at other various companies
within the IDB Group

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