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Teuza - a Fairchild Technology Venture ltd. was one of the first Venture capital
funds founded in Israel and began it's operations in 1992 as a public company
traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. At that time, Teuza raised an amount of $22 million
in capital.

The company was founded by Nevatim headed by Avi Kerbs and Prof. Joseph Gross
Together with the Fairchild corp. , bank Leumi and Dr. Hecht, a philanthropist who
served in the past as special consultant to Israel's prime minister Begin.

Two People who had a key role in the establishment of the fund and its operations
in the early years were Mr. Jeffery J. Steiner, Chairman and CEO of the Fairchild corp.,
and General Harold ("Johnny") Johnson, senior VP of Fairchild. Mr. Steiner and Gen. Johnson's
vast experience, knowledge and love for Israel helped to establish not only Teuza fund,
but also the whole Israeli venture capital industry.


P.O.B 25266 Haifa 31250 Israel Tel: 972 4 8728788 Fax: 972 4 8729393 E-mail: teuza@teuzafund.com