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Management Philosophy: Our Added Value

  • Active and ongoing "hands on" assistance to portfolio companies by:

        1.   Board Level participation
        2.   Strategic planning and decision support
        3.   Ongoing assistance to and working with management to develop creative solutions
        4.   Global marketing strategy formulation
        5.   Connections and entry to new markets
        6.   Recruitment of key positions

  • Funding:

        Teuza plays an active role in it's portfolio companies funding needs including:

        1.   Supporting subsequent financing round
        2.   Finding strategic investors
        3.   Guiding the process to an exit by M&A or IPO at the right timing

        To date, Teuza helped in raising over $300 million for it's portfolio companies

  • Global network

        Teuza provides significant added value to the portfolio companies as it enables them
        access to its global network our portfolio companies

  • Strategic alliances

        Teuza believes that the best way to succeed is by forming strategic alliances
        with the world's leading companies, therefore, we assist portfolio companies in
        identifying synergistic partnerships and alliances

P.O.B 25266 Haifa 31250 Israel Tel: 972 4 8728788 Fax: 972 4 8729393 E-mail: teuza@teuzafund.com